Improving Your Basketball Skills On And Off Court

Practice makes perfect, they say. When that overused phrase gets a little stale, they spice it up by saying “Proper practice makes perfect.” But what exactly is proper practice? What can you do to improve your basketball skills both on and off the court?

1. Shoot, Dribble, Rebound
Obviously, the most important thing you can do is actually get on the court and work on your game. Take free throws, jumpshots, and layups, but work on your

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Training Exercises That Can Help Your Basketball Skills

There are a variety of training exercises that can help your basketball skills. It is important to develop your shoulder muscles. You can do this by training with weights. You also need to build up your aerobic endurance. This can be done by riding a bike, jogging or running for at least 30 minutes a day.

Basketball also requires full-body coordination. You can develop your coordination by learning how to dance, swim or play sports. You must know the playing rules when you play basketball. Basketball is a game that is enjoyed by

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Most Overrated NCAA Teams

Of course you’ve spent the last few weeks watching the games whittle down to the Final Four on your direct TV but unless you’re a fan of one of these teams you can probably agree they’re severely overrated. Here’s a top three list of what we believe are the most hyped, most hated teams in the NCAA:
UNC – Seriously. UNC is good, of course, but few other teams have such a rabid fan base without the historical cred to back it up. And what the heck is a Tarheel, anyway?
Duke – Is there a more obnoxious fan base out there? Not only do Duke fans think their basketball team is the team to end all teams on any given season but they also think they’re ivy leaguers. No offense, Duke students, but it’s not as good as you think it is
Kentucky – Kentucky is the quiet favorite – they’re not too in your face which is nice but they’ve got a history of upsetting everyone’s brackets in one way or another which is not the way to make friends.

Exercises That Will Help You Become A Better Player

Becoming a better player is the ultimate goal for any athlete. While every sport has aspects and skills unique to itself, a group of core exercises will prepare any athlete’s body for the challenges it will face. By following a core set of exercises you can quickly become a better player.
Stretching is an exercise that all athletes need to consider. It can help prevent injury if performed before exercise and increases the rate of recovery

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Becoming An All Star Basketball Player

There are no secrets or shortcuts to becoming an allstar basketball player; in order to be great you have to practice, train, do required weight training, get up early before practice and hit the court, and you have to be willing to do this everyday of your life. No matter what physical features you have, you must train in order to be great.

Although certain characteristics will definately help, like if you are 6’10”, or

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Tips How How to Play Basketball Better

No matter if you are trying out for your high school team or just playing with friends getting better many times is the goal. There are many tips on how to play basketball better. Most people do not realize that only a few extra hours a week can make a dramatic improvement in your game. One of the keys to getting better in basketball is taking the time to practice. No matter how great your talent level is

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How To Becomes The Best Basketball Player

To become a great basketball player, a person must put in a lot of work. Some people think just being tall or athletic is good enough to make you a great basketball player. Nothing could be further from the truth. The reason the best basketball players make it look so easy is because of the hours and hours of practice that they put into the game of basketball.

Some of the best basketball players are known

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